Monday, 13 March 2006

Cincinnati - Day 4 - Return to Greenville

Throughout the entire vacation, we all slept fairly well. The beds were comfortable and there was very little noise from the hallway or outside. The boys had no problem falling asleep, which was okay by us. This was are final morning in the hotel. Tina went down and brought up a bunch of food for Corbin and herself to eat. Adam took Jeremy down and enjoyed a good breakfast, which during the week is a wee bit better then the weekend buffet. The hot foods consisted of egg and cheese omelets and bacon. Ready-made waffles were also available - much to Jeremy's surprises. We showered, packed up and left the Holiday Inn Express - Blue Ash on a positive note (of course it started to rain as Adam packed the van). When we come back to Cincinnati, we will definitely stay at this hotel.

By the time we left the hotel, the rain had stopped. We drove northwest to Greenville, OH, the home of the KitchenAid Experience, a store that sells KitchenAid appliances and accessories. You can also test out any appliance and get cooking lessons using these appliances. While Tina toured the store, Adam took the boys downstairs to play in the kids kitchen. Corbin and Jeremy loved it and played well, until Jeremy decided that he needed a diaper change.

One of the things we were looking for on this trip was a coffee maker. Adam's Moulinex grinder had finally died (after well over 13 years of use). Adam was not willing to settle for some $20 grinder that would have to be replaced in a couple years, so he searched for a good quality grinder at a good price. We found one at the KitchenAid Experience. Tina picked up a food chopper and a set of 6 silicon mini-loaf pans. The third Monday in March is apparently Customer Appreciation Day, so we received 3 souffle pans for free with our purchase. We could have spent a lot of money in that store, but decided to plan future March Break vacations around the Customer Appreciation Day. In a few years, our kitchen will resemble the store.

After a quick lunch at Burger King, we headed home. The drive was without incident - Jeremy eventually fell asleep which made for a quiet drive back to Windsor. Traffic moved well on the side roads and I-75. Three or so hours later we arrived at the Ambassador Bridge. No problems at Canada Customs. First stop in Canada was Tim Hortons (they had them in Ohio, but we never had a chance to stop at one). Second stop was our house. Everyone enjoyed the weekend and we definitely will return to Cincinnati, perhaps during the summer to take in some of the downtown and take in Kings Island amusement park.

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