Friday, 17 February 2006

Stomach Flu

The Szymczak household survived a round of stomach flu this past week. It began on Sunday when Corbin woke up by throwing up in his bed. Let the games begin. Corbin spent a good part of the morning sitting on the stool in front of the toilet. That was fun. The rest of the day he laid on the futon downstairs watched movies and tv. He was not 100% on Monday, so we kept him out of school. He recovered and was able to return to school the next day.

Adam did not feel well on Tuesday, so he took the day off. He returned to work on Wednesday, thinking all was better. That was wishful thinking. By Wednesday evening, Adam was becoming very familiar with the layout of the bathroom. That continued throughout the night. Thursday, Adam stayed home, sipped water and ate crackers and other bland foods. Yummy. Tina also suffered from the stomach flu, but no to the extent that Adam did.

All is much better around the house. Jeremy seems to have avoided any major ailments or side-effects. Lucky for him we suppose.