Sunday, 15 January 2006

A Trip to Brantford

Jeremy and Adam spent the past weekend in Brantford. Adam's mom left behind some Christmas gifts (such as a DVD/VCR combo) that her and Alex could not take on the train, so he decided this was a good time to deliver the presents, setup the DVD/VCR and allow Babcia some quality time with Jeremy. Tina and Corbin will unable to make the trip because Corbin had his first karate lesson on Saturday (more on that in another post).

So we headed out just before 1:00 pm. Jeremy was tired and fell asleep not too long after we got on the 401. It was pure pleasure for Adam. He was able to listen to his music for the entire trip with no interruptions. Heaven. About 2 hours and 20 minutes later, we were in Brantford. Babcia had some presents for Jeremy - talk about spoiling her grandsons. After supper - homemade chicken soup and potato pancakes - Babcia and Jeremy played and played and played. Adam was able to relax. Around 8:30 pm Jeremy went to sleep in Babcia's bed with no problems.

On Saturday, after having an excellent breakfast, Babcia, Jeremy and Adam headed to IKEA in Burlington. The drive was quick and we arrived just as the westerly half of the parking lot was starting to fill up. Adam forgot to bring the knapsack with diapers and assorted other items, but there was an emergency diaper in the glove compartment. Two and a half hours later, Adam managed to buy a new bed for Jeremy, a bench for the front entry and other smaller items. Babcia bought a bunch of stuff too. Jeremy had a great time at IKEA. He loved the Kid's area and tried out every chair and toy. Fortunately, everything fit in the van. We headed back to Brantford where Babcia and Jeremy played some more. Adam's mom and Alex were amazed with Jeremy's energy. Adam didn't mind and browsed the internet on his cellphone.

Sunday morning was laid back and relaxing. We had another great breakfast and Babcia and Jeremy got even more together time. Adam packed up everything and packed up the van. It was a sunny day, so the drive back to Windsor was pleasant. Jeremy feel asleep again, for another uneventful drive home. A very relaxing and pleasant weekend.