Sunday, 15 January 2006

That Damn IKEA Wrench

After arriving in Windsor, Adam discovered that Tina had stepped out and that Corbin's worker was watching him. So he brought in everything but Jeremy's bed (which was too bulky for one person to carry. After getting supper ready for Jeremy, Adam started to put the bench together. Tina did not know that Adam purchased the bench, so he was going to surprise her with it.

The box was opened and the pieces laid out.© Inter IKEA Systems B.V. About 20 or so minutes later the bench was finished. Assembly had gone smoothly. Adam is amazed at how well everything fits - and yes he used the IKEA wrench to tighten some bolts. The bench has 8 compartments for shoes, so it does double duty. It sits where the shoe trays used to be. Tina was surprised to see a bench when she returned home.

Later in the day, Tina helped Adam
© Inter IKEA Systems B.V. bring the bed in and Adam began assembling it. Lots of different screws, bolts and pieces for this thing. About 40 or so minutes later, Jeremy had a new bed. Adam placed the slats and the mattress in and, voila, a bed. The bed comes with a movable guard rail. One side of the bed has a "wall" that includes two mesh nets to store toys and whatever else Jeremy thinks belongs in them. It's a wonderful bed, that Jeremy should get at least two or three years use out of.