Sunday, 29 January 2006

Shopping Across the River

Travelled to that foreign country on the other side of the Detroit River today to do some shopping. The exchange rate is about 17% meaning that every US$100 costs CDN$117 - not bad when compared to an exchange rate of 35% not that long ago.

Headed to the US via the Windsor-Detroit Tunnel and got into a slow lane. What can you do but wait? Of course, once we got to the inspections booth, it took us all but 30 seconds to be cleared.

About 30 minutes later we arrived at Great Lakes Crossing in Auburn Hills. This is a behemoth of a shopping centre. It has a huge Bass Pro Shops, a Bed, Bath and Beyond, a 24 screen movie theatre and numerous other anchors and stores.

We started with cookies from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Mmm mmm good. Tina spent just over US$100 on clothes for the kids at the Oshkosh B'Gosh outlet store. She got 12 items and after exchange it worked to just over CDN$10 per item. An excellent deal on good quality clothes.

We got some cheap food from the Great Steak & Potato Company. After two hours at the mall, we headed out to Target.

One of the reasons we went shopping in the States was so that Adam could get some jeans at a reasonable price. Sears Canada wanted CDN$79 plus tax for the jeans he currently wears. Ouch. At Target, Adam was able to get three pairs of jeans for just over US$50 ($62 in Canadian money).

Tina picked up some rubber boots for the boys and we bought Corbin another video game - The Incredibles - for the PS2. We filled the van with some of that cheap American gas and headed home. Adam declared the items at the Canadian border, but the nice border agent waived us through.

It was nice to get out the house and find some good deals.

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