Saturday, 3 December 2005

Toronto Trip - Day 2

We had no set plans for the weekend, but thought of going to the CN Tower. Corbin remembered the glass floor and said he would like to go back. We woke up to cloudy and light flurry conditions, which took the CN Tower out of contention. A quick check on the web and we noticed that the Royal Ontario museum (ROM), which is going under an expansion and extensive renovation, had a number of galleries open, including Ancient Egypt. Corbin is on a big Ancient Egypt kick lately. Admissions are reduced until December 26th, so we chose the ROM.

We called Angela and told we would be leaving shortly and that we would meet up with her at the Coxwell subway station. It was Jeremy's first time on public transit - at least with us. We entered the Scarborough RT (an elevated train system) and at first Jeremy was hesitant and scared by the noises that were made. Eventually, he realized we were on a train and he calmed down. Next, we transferred to the subway. Of course, we had to be at the front of the train so Corbin could get a birds-eye view of what was coming - he even saw some workers in the tunnel. We hooked up with Angela and headed to the ROM.

The ROM is right beside the Museum subway stop. It was not too busy which made for an enjoyable two hours. Jeremy seemed to enjoy the ROM, especially the bird room. Corbin kept it together and thoroughly liked the Ancient Egypt exhibit. The highlight was seeing the mummy. We left the ROM and headed out to Bloor Street to mingle with the crowds. Jeremy was in awe at the number of people, the cars, the tall buildings and the sounds. We stopped by the Indigo bookstore on Bay Street before walking down Yonge Street to the Eatons Centre. Yes, call us crazy.

Arriving at the Eatons Centre, we headed up to the Mr. Greenjeans restaurant. The service and food were okay - could have been better. We wandered around the Eatons Centre, found a toy store and bought Corbin some goodies for being a great kid. Back onto the subway and RT. We walked through the Scarborough Town Centre, kids and Angela in tow, and drove back to the hotel. The five of us hung out for a couple of hours before Adam took Angela back to Scarborough Town Centre (which apparently has no rider drop-off or pickup area - at least none that was visible at 9 pm).