Friday, 2 December 2005

Toronto Trip - Day 1

We try to get to Toronto at least once a year. So we decided a weekend trip in early December. Since Corbin had a PA day on Friday, we figured we could get 3 days and 2 nights out the weekend. We headed out early Friday morning, had breakfast in Tilbury and continued towards Toronto. Then came London. The beginning of the snow belt. Traffic slowed right down due to a visibility reducing snow squall - at least a foot of snow came down. We averaged about 30 km/h until just before Ingersoll. After Ingersoll, the road was clear and the sun came out. That was fine.

We arrived at the Ontario Science Centre just after noon. The place was very busy due to school field trips. Corbin and Jeremy loved the place. Corbin liked trying out all the hands-on exhibits like throwing a baseball and so forth. Jeremy just like to run around and touch everything. A new feature at the Science Centre is Kids Park. It is a hands-on area where Children can play with water, dress up, work in a grocery store (with real scanners and cash register), play with a crane, and so on. Jeremy loved the part where you would launch a ball down a track with loops. Corbin liked the grocery store. We could have spent hours in this area.

After a successful day at the Science Centre, we drove to Angela's townhouse. According to Tina, the place looked better than the last time she was there, but was in no shape for us to stay over. So we spent some time with Ang. Adam looked in the Yellow Pages for a hotel, Jeremy drank water from the dog bowl and Corbin wanted to sleepover. We eventually headed to the Holiday Inn Express in Scarborough. They had rooms and at a reasonable price of $95 CDN per night (government rate). We unpacked and then headed out for dinner at a Red Lobster just down the street. It was a very full but awesome day.

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