Sunday, 18 September 2005

"Welcome Home Jeremy" Open House

We had our official "Welcome Home Jeremy" open house today. Attended by family and close friends and colleagues, the party was a success. Jeremy loved the undivided attention, playing with other kids and opening gifts. Even Corbin received a few gifts. The highlight of the event was Jeremy filling is mouth and face with Bob the Builder cake. Again, he loved he attention. It was a wonderful day and we would like to thank all those that attended and those that sent us their regrets and best wishes.

Unfortunately, it seems the open house took it's toll on Jeremy the next day. He was under the weather. He "attached" himself to Tina and eventually fell asleep on her. After some rest, Jeremy seemed to get back some energy as he ran around the house playing with new toys and bugging older brother Corbin. But by late afternoon, he was not feeling well, so it was an early bed time. Too much partying.