Monday, 15 August 2005

Jeremy Vincent Szymczak

Jeremy is now with us permanently (as of August 11) and he has done a wonderful job of settling in. He has no problem saying no or ignoring our demands. He poops 4 times a day. He sleeps for 11 and a half hours. He wants to be fed immediately upon waking up. In fact, he seems to eat all the time. This kid is literally eating us out of our house.

He chases Corbin around the house and loves to jump on Corbin, but if Corbin gets within a foot of him, Jeremy will whine and cry, trying to get Corbin in trouble. Fortunately, we are aware of this game and usually ignore Jeremy in those situations.

He loves to do things that he is not supposed to do, like moving all the books off the shelves, moving his potty into the bedroom so he can reach things he is not allowed to have or to roll out all the toilet paper when the bathroom door is left open.