Friday, 8 July 2005

East Coast Vacation - Day 8

Saint John, NS.

No plans again today. With the weather warm and sunny, we picked the Irving Nature Park as our destination. Located a mere 7 minutes from downtown Saint John, the park is a natural area with trails, lookouts, picnic areas and beaches. There is no charge to visit the park. The park is simply beautiful.

We drove a narrow and winding gravel road and came upon a small parking area. Below was a large "beach" of stones, rocks and pebbles. It was low tide, so there was plenty of stones for Corbin to pick up and throw into the ocean. Adam walked into the water, now officially having stepped foot into both the w
est coast and east coast of Canada. Adam picked up a few stones and managed to cut his index finger, creating a lovely gash. Next stop: the hospital.

Tina drove up to the hospital, which is located at the University of New Brunswick Saint John Campus. There are no straight roads in Saint John, so the drive took about 10 minutes. About 40 minutes later, the gash had been glued and covered with a bandage and Adam had been given a tetanus shot. We left the hospital, paid a $1.25 for one hour of parking (most hospitals around Windsor charge $2.50 or more), and headed back to the Nature Park.

We stopped by an observation area that also was a picnic area (including barbecues). Because of the picnic area, the whole area was crawling with chipmunks. While excited, Corbin was cautious of the friendly chipmunks.

After a few minutes and some reassurances, it became Corbin's mission to feed the chipmunks - not that they needed feeding. At the van, we left some food and waited for the rodents to appear. Sure enough, one came from a distance and began nibbling. Adam took some closeup pictures of the chipmunk.

We left the area and headed down to the main beach, where Corbin proceeded to throw more rocks into the ocean and Tina and Adam watched the tide come in. It was a relaxing day spent at the nature park (including the side trip to the hospital).

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