Tuesday, 5 July 2005

East Coast Vacation - Day 5

Cavendish, PEI to Truro, NS.

Headed into Cavendish for some breakfast at the Friendly Fisherman, then back to the hotel to pack, let Corbin swim one more time and check out. Went up the road to Cavendish one more time. We spent some time at Avonlea Village of Anne of Green Gables, a recreation of the village from the television series. Complete with the original schoolhouse that L.M. Montgomery taught in, the village has people not only playing the various characters found in the books but interacting with visitors. As we entered the schoolhouse, Corbin was shy and refused to enter. He slowly warmed up as we watched a shindig at the Fishing Shanty. As we
left Avonlea Village, Corbin wanted to stay - could have been the pony ride, could have been him having a good time.

After a quick browse at a local shopping plaza, we drove to Wood Islands to catch the ferry to Caribou, NS. Catch is a very key word. With nine minutes to spare, we arrived at the ferry dock, paid our money and boarded the ferry, saving us two hours of waiting time (or two hours of grief). It worked to our advantage. We arrived at the Super 8 Motel in Truro, NS (about 45 minutes southeast of Pictou, NS).

This Super 8 Motel is only two years old and has a water slide. Yup. A water slide. Corbin refused to believe Adam at first but once he saw it, he could not contain his excitement. But he had to wait - we were hungry. We stopped at regional eatery - Frank & Gino's - for a nice dinner. A quick stop at Sobey's to stock up on munchies and we were back at the hotel. Guess what we did next? Water slide! That thing is amazing. Adam was able to splash half the pool room - the speed one picks up is scary but fun.

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